Monday, February 21, 2011

Yacht Week

So our beautiful vision therapy resident Dr. Angela To told me about the Yacht Week. And looking outside my sunny SoCal lit window and being inside all month studying for boards (self-inflicted, not all my classmates are doing that.. I guess I'm more of a masochist, in a non-sexual way!), I kinda keep daydreaming about it. So as my mother believes in the spirit of "The Secret", I'm just going to go ahead and put it out there.

Wearing the stripes, captain's hats, Sperry's while hanging with Diddy Dirty Money...

Laying out with a Missoni Bikini, Ray-Bans, and a straw Panama hat...

Sailing through the royal blue waters of Croatia or wherever other places they are advertising...

Oh wait, breaking news about Somalians hijacking a yacht and taking Americans hostage into its "lair"..

Guess that means that "The Secret" told me I have to go back to the desk.

wow, i feel horrible. :( my post was more of making fun of ridiculously rich people getting in crappy situations because of their extravagant ways but in this case... sadness. pirates suck.

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