Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fruit Puree Mixology

So I was introduced to the Bellini last year, which is basically part Prosecco, part peach puree. And added other secret ingredients I probably don't know about.

For Valentine's Day, I reproduced a variation of it with strawberry and blueberry puree instead to make it more pink and festive, cause ladies love cool... Juice.

I was left with empty bottles of Prosecco and lots of puree leftover cause I blended about a pound of each fruit with some sugar water. Imagine my delight when I discovered what I can do with the leftover puree...


Dude, you can just add puree, some soy milk, and a couple caps of protein powder and voila, breakfast! For champions! It's the fastest, most efficient healthy breakfast ever. I always wanted to make smoothies but I really hate cleaning blenders. And I'm a little afraid of the blade on the bottom.

AAAAnd, Trader Joe's has little packets of mango puree in the freezer section, in case I get even MORE lazy. 

Lovin' the accidental baby step into drink mixology. :)

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