Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dating: The Musical

Stage 1: Gotten over an Ex, Finished with Soul Searching, Bored
I Wanna Dance with Somebody
Whitney Houston

Stage 2: Meet New Boy from a Shore, Boy Tells Girl Everything She Wants to Hear
Pretty Woman
Roy Orbison

Stage 2B: Girl Wonders if Everything Boy Tells Her is True
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
The Shirelles

Stage 3: Girl Makes Poor Decision
Let's Get It On
Marvin Gaye

Stage 4: Girl Analyzes Phone Call/Email/Text/Friend Request
Gimme a Little Sign
Brenton Wood

Stage 5: Dating Ensues, Girl Dreams of Imaginary Stage of Maturity and Love  (lasting approximately 3 days to 3 years)
Let's Stay Together
Al Green

Stage 6: Break-Up/No Talking Period- Anger and Denial Grievance
Too Many Fish in the Sea
The Marvelettes

Stage 7: Residual Contact from Boy Ensues.
You Keep Me Hangin' On
The Supremes

Stage 8: Girl Goes to Rehab
Love is the Drug
Roxy Music

Stage 9: Girl Discovers Meaning of Life and Becomes Philanthropist and Future Cat Lady
Heal The World
Michael Jackson

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