Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

....talent show!

recorded by alex long, scco!

Fun with Marina Su

she takes care of me and goes with me to school meetings. and she likes my silly hats.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I'll get Born This Way in my head and then start singing Express Yourself and I can't get it back. QQ.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Fake ID Fail

Lo and behold, look what I encountered clearing through some of my old stuff:

Circa 2000, I think

Something is clearly wrong with this fake ID. Well, maybe clearly wrong, I might have been holding back a big secret and coming out on this blog, passive aggro style. Can you tell what it is? ;)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Revamped Rioja

Spain, Spain, Spain. I just laid eyes on this:

Marqués de Riscal
 BBC online just published a video on La Rioja's modern architectural wineries, like the "City of Wine" which opened in 2006. Frank Gehry designed it (surprised?), same architect of the Guggenheim museums (Go Bilbao!), Walt Disney Concert Hall, Dancing House in Prague etc.

I guess all it took for him to design it was a bottle of wine ;) And the trend-setter that he was, these are some of the wineries transformations that followed:

Bodega Ysios
Bodega Darien

 There's a lot more, those were a few of my favorites. Kinda surprised to see all of this! The wineries look so over the top! Granted, I've only gone to Temecula and Napa wine countries but none of their winery architecture could compare to these. And its not like La Rioja wine country has to advertise the quality of their wine! The tourist attention to put themselves on the map, I suppose. 

I unintentionally went to La Rioja while studying abroad in 2003, meaning that I didn't do any research on La Rioja before heading out there, except for knowing that its super old wine country. This is what I did:

Glam huh? :) I met these two sisters in Bilbao, Nerea (on the burro) and Nagore (left). I think they go here every summer so it was fun to see their cozy vacation town home. It'd definitely be interesting to see all of the changes while walking through the town now! In a way, sad to see traditional buildings go, but good for them to get more exposure they deserve and to see these architects duke it out on creating cool looking wineries.

Info and beautiful pictures sources: 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Why I Love My Brother

This picture he sent me sums up everything that is awesome about him:

"you know how tony parker was with eva longoria and they broke up hAHHAA"

omg still laughing.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fruit Puree Mixology

So I was introduced to the Bellini last year, which is basically part Prosecco, part peach puree. And added other secret ingredients I probably don't know about.

For Valentine's Day, I reproduced a variation of it with strawberry and blueberry puree instead to make it more pink and festive, cause ladies love cool... Juice.

I was left with empty bottles of Prosecco and lots of puree leftover cause I blended about a pound of each fruit with some sugar water. Imagine my delight when I discovered what I can do with the leftover puree...


Dude, you can just add puree, some soy milk, and a couple caps of protein powder and voila, breakfast! For champions! It's the fastest, most efficient healthy breakfast ever. I always wanted to make smoothies but I really hate cleaning blenders. And I'm a little afraid of the blade on the bottom.

AAAAnd, Trader Joe's has little packets of mango puree in the freezer section, in case I get even MORE lazy. 

Lovin' the accidental baby step into drink mixology. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Yacht Week

So our beautiful vision therapy resident Dr. Angela To told me about the Yacht Week. And looking outside my sunny SoCal lit window and being inside all month studying for boards (self-inflicted, not all my classmates are doing that.. I guess I'm more of a masochist, in a non-sexual way!), I kinda keep daydreaming about it. So as my mother believes in the spirit of "The Secret", I'm just going to go ahead and put it out there.

Wearing the stripes, captain's hats, Sperry's while hanging with Diddy Dirty Money...

Laying out with a Missoni Bikini, Ray-Bans, and a straw Panama hat...

Sailing through the royal blue waters of Croatia or wherever other places they are advertising...

Oh wait, breaking news about Somalians hijacking a yacht and taking Americans hostage into its "lair"..

Guess that means that "The Secret" told me I have to go back to the desk.

wow, i feel horrible. :( my post was more of making fun of ridiculously rich people getting in crappy situations because of their extravagant ways but in this case... sadness. pirates suck.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dating: The Musical

Stage 1: Gotten over an Ex, Finished with Soul Searching, Bored
I Wanna Dance with Somebody
Whitney Houston

Stage 2: Meet New Boy from a Shore, Boy Tells Girl Everything She Wants to Hear
Pretty Woman
Roy Orbison

Stage 2B: Girl Wonders if Everything Boy Tells Her is True
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
The Shirelles

Stage 3: Girl Makes Poor Decision
Let's Get It On
Marvin Gaye

Stage 4: Girl Analyzes Phone Call/Email/Text/Friend Request
Gimme a Little Sign
Brenton Wood

Stage 5: Dating Ensues, Girl Dreams of Imaginary Stage of Maturity and Love  (lasting approximately 3 days to 3 years)
Let's Stay Together
Al Green

Stage 6: Break-Up/No Talking Period- Anger and Denial Grievance
Too Many Fish in the Sea
The Marvelettes

Stage 7: Residual Contact from Boy Ensues.
You Keep Me Hangin' On
The Supremes

Stage 8: Girl Goes to Rehab
Love is the Drug
Roxy Music

Stage 9: Girl Discovers Meaning of Life and Becomes Philanthropist and Future Cat Lady
Heal The World
Michael Jackson