Sunday, August 15, 2010


We Did It!!!

So excited! First Half-Marathon! And achieved my goal time within 2 seconds!!!

Kat also posted before/after pictures from her phone:

From Left to Right (Ryan aka Jackie Nguyen, me, Kat, Mike Baker, and Matt)

 Getting mimosas at the Broken Yolk! Mike is apparently still running like the Flash. Jackie hurt her shins so she couldn't run this time but she came out to support because she is a super duper awesome friend! Pictures are kind of premature because the half-marathon photo people are posting more but I'm super stoked and excited to share!!! :D Hurray!!!

*edit* and here are the "negatives" from the site!

An SCCO doc hollered "Go SCCO!" and whizzed past me and Mike at one point. kewwwwl!  :)
My legs are still a little jelly but I kinda like it!

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