Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cartel Hair Salon

If you click on Meredith's style portfolio, my picture is in there when she cut my first fringe/bangs back in Feb. Kewwwwwllllllll :)

They have this feature on their site displays the hairstylist's portfolio. I've also gotten a haircut from.. Josie? Not really sure actually anymore now that I'm looking at their pictures. She did this haircut:

(picture enhanced by cathy and michelle heh heh)

yaay hair!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Angus and Julia Stone - "Big Jet Plane"

have you ever had one of those moments when you just wish you knew what a certain song is and you only knew a snippet of the lyrics? albert taught me how to find the song back at ucsd, which is pretty simple and pretty genius: putting that part in google in quotes and typing the word lyrics after it. sorry if that seems obvious to you but seriously, it was a quite a revelation at the time for me- pops up instantly! i was so impressed cause i was feeling nostalgic over some spanish songs and i barely knew the words, let alone the language in general. i typed in "ven amor" or "entre tu y yo" and found the songs.. after some sifting of course but the point is that i have them now. AMAZING! i rebuilt my buleria collection haha. anyway, this is how i found this big jet plane song cause i typed in "want to ride you on a picture plane" quotes. hurray!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Populous - Canoe Canoa

your productivity is supposed to increase when you listen to music greater than 60bpm, preferably without lyrics or lyrics you don't know ( too bad this one caught my ears and i had to share :)