Sunday, February 14, 2010

Germany Exclusive Access

I only recently became a huge fan of mineral sparkling water because my cousin Sandra introduced it to me and my brother while we were in Europe this summer. And I was definitely anti-sparkling water at first. How can anything carbonated NOT be sugar infused??  Then we kind of dying of thirst in the heat of traveling around... and my brother and I got hooked. 

I bought a 12 pack of 1 L Trader Joe sparkling water at first, because it was non-committal. And bought little bottles to drink in class. Then it became a treat every now and then... and then today happened. Today marks the day I tried Gerolsteiner Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. The bubbles felt smaller, the drink more smooth and oh so satisfying. I never knew a water like this before... HOW? HOW did you do it GERMANY? And how could you deny the US of this brilliant brilliant idea:



Dispensable at your finger tips?? Please reconsider and have it available to us.


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