Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finals = New Music Time!

Since its finals time, a lot of energy gets focused on getting the right ambient uplifting music to get through those long hours (and by long hours, I mean long hours of procrastination). At least during reading week for "lighter" studying. Here are some newer albums I've added on my playlist:

Charlotte Gainsbourg, "IRM"

Yeasayer, "Old Blood" I'm really digging "Rome" and "One"

Massive Attack, "Heligoland" ENTIRE ALBUM.

Animal Collective, "Fall Be Kind" EP (Dec, 2009)

Yo La Tengo, "Popular Songs" (kinda older I know but I have trouble keeping up)

SISU "Demon Tapes EP" ;)

Yay yay! Keeping adding more as the night goes on.  And I'm really excited for the new Gorillaz too :) Sunday Coachella... where are you single day tickets?

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