Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun with Monkfish Liver

(Pic from another blog)

Monkfish Liver, aka ankimo is a Japanese delicacy that is typically served with chili-tinted grated daikon radish, thinly sliced green onions and ponzu sauce. (Wikipedia) I first tried it with Eli at OkiDoki in Tustin, CA and it was missing the sauce I think. The flavor was brought out at Honda Ya, but I forgot how they prepared it :( I don't remember the scallions though. However, last night I ate the monkfish liver & ponzu sauce combo with Phil and it was HEAVEN. I savored every mouthful, cutting the pieces in half in order to have more portions. AND we ordered ANOTHER plate of it, with Takashi commenting that he had never had anyone order 2 portions.

I'm now in love with a monkfish. Even though they are freaking ugly:

(Pic from a science blog)

Apparently, they aren't being overfished "However, this does not mean you can eat monkfish. As MCS warns this is a removal from the Fish To Avoid list does not place it on the Fish To Eat list. Apparently monkfish resides in a sort of fish limbo. The other reason to avoid is the potential for bycatch and habitat damage by the trawling for monkfish."

Liver worth more than the meat now, apparently! I saw monkfish for the first time at the Pike's Place fish market. I don't know if I have a picture, but I'll try to upload it if I see it!

Yaaay pate.

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Thanh said...

Whoa that monkfish looks wicked.