Friday, September 18, 2009

Confession of a Recovering Shopaholic

I just wanted to put in why Nordstrom is still yet the greatest department store ever.

I saw a pair of Frye wedges, the Gabrielle T-Strap in May. And yes, they were way above my normal price range for shoes. So on August 31st, they went down to 40% off! Whoo hoo! I bought them from, in 2 sizes to make sure that they fit right (because they were sold out in all the stores I had gone to) and returned the one that didn't work out with no problems. Here is an abnormally large picture of these wedges:

BUT, today, I saw that they went down even further to 50%. Boo! So, I found out that has this cool feature called the "Live Chat", and I inquired if I could apply the 50% to my purchase. Lo and behold this response:

Sarah Ka: Thank you so much for waiting, Karen. A credit for $XX.00 plus any applicable sales tax will be reflected on your Visa on your next monthly billing statement according to your billing cycle.

Hurray! So easy! Wonderful! Yay!

I love you Nordies.

Aaaand... I sorta went shopping today too, not to sound like a shopaholic. Check this out:

Hurray! Designer clothes at a semi-reasonable cost? You're getting closer to dreams coming true.

I love you Target and Anna Sui.

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