Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seth Meyers

My heart falls into love every time I see Seth Meyers :) Why?

a) He looks like he is going to laugh during every on-screen moment.
b) I'm laughing and giggling AT THE SAME TIME during every on-screen moment.
c) He is just so darn adorable.

How can you not agree?? Here are some AWESOME videos for proof!

Martha Stuart here tries so hard to be proper, for an ex-convict but Seth triumphs with charm!

Seth (and Amy) looks so cute even when he's slamming Kat's beloved ASU:

Seth holding up on his own with a brilliant commentary on Kellogg's:

I know, its ANOTHER weekend update but he's so loveable here :)

sigh....i'm yours.

1 comment:

Incorpo said...

guess you can log in through google.... hahah... wow these videos are making me REALLY hungry... first those cupcakes or whatever they were, then the mention of burger king and pizza in the ASU video.... gosh karen, what are you trying to do to me here? ;)