Sunday, January 18, 2009

poor federer..

AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2009 starts tonight!

And who will be the winner?

I think I'll be really sad if Federer loses... especially since 2008 had been a countless downward spiral (relatively speaking in Federer standards), losing to people he wouldn't "normally" lose. His skills are still there.. but you can see that his shining confidence is a little bit dimmer. :( Still holding on! It's not the end of the era yet!!

And why is everyone talking up Andy Murray?? Doesn't he just look like a little boy pretending to be in the Grand Slam big leagues? "Let me take off my shirt, photographers, just so the older men can see how much I've grown up." We'll talk if he wins something. Which I guess he's been winning a lot of matches lately... and for some reason has figured out Federer's game... and he's younger.. Oh well. It's still Nadal vs. Federer :)

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