Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Marat Safin

Yay, tomorrow Federer and Safin are playing head-on! Everyone loves watching and reading about the unpredictable Safinator. He gives the funniest interviews and is so emotional on the court that you can't stop watching him break racquets. To dedicate this blog to him, I'll dig up some of his best quotes:

* One silly reporter asked what the difference was between him and Anna Kournikova (I guess he was getting at the sex symbol aspect, dunno) ... Marat looked disgusted and said "She is woman ... I am man".

* Marat: Lady, can you speak up a little bit -- Indianapolis is a little far from Europe, so I can't hear you.

* [after a practise session with Marc Rossett at his Geneva tennis club]
Interviewer "How did you find Marc [Rossett]?"
Marat "Old."

* "But normally when you talk to yourself [on court] you say; 'I love you, you're a good guy, but don't miss next time, okay.' "

"I think it's in his mind. It's a little difficult to play Nadal because he's a leftie, he's younger, he has less pressure than Roger. By the way he's playing, I think he should beat him. I think it's more mental than any other problem...He has no reason to get really down, he won seven Grand Slams. So, he has nothing to be pissed off about."
-- Marat Safin on Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal.


S said...

hahhhahahahhaha i love itttttttt... youtube?

S said...

i just watched soo many vids of him..... he's only 27, linh. go get it!